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Lokkaroom Discounts Hub: 31-Day Free Trial

Lokkaroom Discounts Hub: 31-Day Free Trial

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Published 2024-Jan-31

Olympic Swim School EP.1 - Over Rate Breaststroke

Adam Peaty shares the "secret" training drill that he used to become the fastest 50m Breaststroke athlete in history. [Learn more]

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Published 2023-Dec-11

Behind The Ball EP.2: Laying the Foundations

Episode 2 interviews the 3 men responsible for building the club you see today. [Learn more]

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Published 2024-Mar-01

Welcome to the Oaklands Wolves

Take a look at everything included in the Oaklands Members Lounge – exclusive academy sports content, highlights and BTS action, plus tons of incredib... [Learn more]

Published 2024-Feb-29

Inside Training: EP.1 Strength and Conditioning

Join the MK lads behind-the-scenes in the S&C suite during as they prepare for another strong season. [Learn more]

Published 2024-Jan-15

Brand-exclusive: 15% Members Discount

Brand-exclusive: 15% Members Discount

As a member of #TeamLokkaroom, enjoy 15% off the very best in customisable scooters and clothing with code 'LKRM'. [Learn more]

Published 2024-Jan-15

FIRST INTERVIEW | Daniel James | NEW Kent Panthers Head Coach

We sat down with Head Coach, Daniel James in an exclusive first interview ahead of the 23/24 season. [Learn more]

Published 2024-Jan-15

Meet the AP Athletes Ep.1 - Training, Injuries & Diet

Deep dive into the lives of Adam Peaty, Anna Hopkin and Luke Greenbank to find out just what it takes to become a pro, in and out of the swimming pool... [Learn more]

Published 2024-Jan-15

Road to Division 1: MK Breakers vs Oaklands Wolves

Tune in to watch the MK Breakers take on the Oaklands Wolves side and hear post-match from the main man, and club captain Jordan Spencer. [Learn more]

Published 2023-Dec-11

AP International 23: Event Highlights

The first AP Race International Event saw swimmers from all over the world compete at the London Olympic pool. [Learn more]

Published 2024-Jan-23

Behind The Ball EP.1 The Rise of the Breakers

Get an all-access pass to the MK Breaker's emphatic first season. [Learn more]

Published 2024-Jan-15

Olympic Swim School Ep.2 - Single Arm Butterfly

Sydney shares the most common mistakes with the Single Arm Butterfly drill and teaches you how to perform it effectively to get the maximum power out ... [Learn more]

Published 2024-Mar-12

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